We are The Joyful

A purpose-first brand consultancy for future-focused businesses.

Building a Joyful world through business.

Joy [noun]: A vibrant state of consciousness.

Purposeful. Impactful. Joyful.

We’re a team of strategic, purpose-driven brand and communications consultants with a big heart and an audacious vision: a more joyful, conscious world through business. 

We support future-focused SMEs to walk the walk and talk the talk by taking a holistic approach to business growth, focusing on the impact they make in every area of their business. 

When you work with us, you not only get access to decades of digital marketing, journalism, communications, business development and commercial experience, you get a team dedicated to ethical and inclusive business and marketing practices. 

We donate up to 20% of our profits to causes we believe in and follow a Buy One Give One ethos in all our business practices.

Brand impact for movers, shakers and change makers.

We work with businesses who challenge the status quo  and drive positive systemic change.

They have ambitious commercial targets and audacious visions for a kinder, fairer, more regenerative way to do business. 

When you work with us, you’ll hone your purpose and become empowered to live it through every element of your processes and operations.

Purpose powers business growth, retains and attracts the brightest talent and ultimately improves performance. And with accelerated business growth comes more opportunities to make an even bigger impact. 

99% of businesses registered in the UK are SMEs. If every single one of them committed to making a net positive impact, imagine how different the country – and the world – would be.

Let’s play at the edge of possibility.

Since we launched in 2017, we have:

Supported organisations to make an impact across each of the UN Sustainability Goals

Reached hundreds of millions of people through integrated brand and marketing campaigns

Created industry-specific thought-leadership content that has had our clients featured in global publications

Defined the vision and purpose of organisations committed to making a positive impact through their business

Created impactful growth strategies that have helped brands reach a wider audience

Repositioned brands to become more sustainable in their practices and realign with their vision and purpose

Developed, launched and grown a global agency of nurses, providing flexible working for healthcare practitioners

Fundamentally changed the clinical research industry’s approach to patient care, accessibility and diversity

Created a diverse, global awards campaign dedicated to celebrating pioneering life scientists

Launched and grown a foundation placing much needed mental health professionals in secondary schools in the UK​

Co-ordinated national sentiment analysis of social media conversations on climate change for the UN

Won multiple awards for our dedication to creating impactful brands and joy through business


is the vibrant quality of consciousness.


is being true to who you are and what you believe.


is to be brave and confident enough to do what you believe in.


is to make a marked effect or difference.

Are you ready to grow a business people and the planet love to love?