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We empower passionate, socially conscious businesses with the skills, mindset and confidence to grow your business with joy, purpose and impact.

Our actionable, impact-focused courses, workshops and coaching cover the vital elements of a successful, socially-conscious business – from sales and marketing skills, to business planning and strategy, to time and mindset management.

Online Courses

Whether you’re just starting out or getting ready to level us, our online courses are designed to empower you to create ways of working that align with your values,  achieve your business goals and make a positive impact on your customers, teams and the world.  

We’ll help you bust through mindset blocks and give you the framework to put your learning into practice. 

Available courses:

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Meet other passionate business leaders with big ambitions in our live virtual and in-person workshops. Look out for online business blockbuster sessions, as well as half-day skills and inspiration workshops in East Sussex, West Sussex, Yorkshire and London.

Tues, Oct 19  • 12:00pm
Online  •  via Zoom

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Bespoke training and coaching

We also offer bespoke training and coaching, which will be designed to fit the exact needs of your business and teams.

When you work with us, our goal is to get you and your teams exactly where you need to be, at your pace, in a way that makes sense for you.

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The Joyful Academy Logo

The Joyful Academy is here to give you the confidence and skills to talk the talk AND walk the walk – and feel the joy that comes with that.