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COVID-19 has already had a massive impact on businesses of all sizes and industries. Among those most affected are businesses that rely heavily on face to face engagement with their customers and clients, such as therapists, events organisers, hair and beauty salons, yoga studios, and wellbeing practitioners – many of whom are finding it challenging to bring their products and services online so that they can keep trading.

Small businesses make a big impact – on their communities, their employees, and the daily lives of their customers. This is particularly true in the health and wellbeing sector, where access to services can be vital for some people’s mental and physical health. 

There has never been a greater need for people to come together, share ideas and drive positive community-focused initiatives. Organisations that are in the business of actively supporting others are now more valuable than ever. 

If this sounds like you and your business, we want to help.

Do you have any burning questions around digital technology you haven’t had answered? Perhaps you’re experiencing some (very common) tech blockers that are preventing you from launching your product event online, or you’re experiencing fear or imposter syndrome around being visible on social media. Maybe you just want to know how to get more followers on Instagram. 

Whatever you’re feeling, we’ve been there, and we have your back. 

In fact, that’s why we’re here. We know there’s already a lot of general and helpful support out there for businesses, and we want to make sure any advice and guidance we offer to our community is focused, useful and speaking to a real and direct need.

This also comes back to a driving principle of our business, and our strongest advice to our clients. Take time to check in with your audience, get in their space and really understand what they need from your business. Audience insight drives impactful content that speaks directly to their needs as humans, giving you a more intentional steer when changing direction (e.g. going online). 

Now, more than ever, businesses need to ask: “How can I help you?”

And that’s what we’re doing here today, too. 

We’re in the process of putting together a range of resources to help small businesses just like yours get online and reach their audiences. We don’t want money to be a barrier so we’ll be providing support for those that need it on a free or pay as you can basis. All we ask in return is that you find a way to pay that forward to your community. 

To make sure we channel our expertise and energy in the most constructive way, we want to hear from YOU as businesses and individuals. What would help you most right now? 

Fill in this survey below (or click the button to open the Google Form in a new tab) and tell us how we can best support you during this time:

Click here to take the survey

Sophie Turton

Sophie Turton

Sophie is a branding and communications specialist with a decade's experience in journalism, content creation, copywriting, PR and brand creation.

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