Our Top 5 Tips For Kinder Marketing

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By Beccy Weston

We believe that marketing should serve the people. That businesses only have a place in this brave new world, at the tipping point of overconsumption, IF they serve a purpose.

We stand for businesses that are out to make the world a better place, and that have a vision that goes far beyond the bottom line.

This means we only want to see content that adds value to customers.

We don’t believe in the hard or quick sell.

Instead, we want to support you to build long-lasting relationships that create advocacy. We’re here to support you in building a more joyful way of doing business, and that starts with you and the messages you choose to put out there.

What do we mean by ‘kind marketing’?

The time for ‘bully boy’ advertising tactics has passed.

Thankfully, we are moving into an era where businesses recognise the importance of the end-to-end customer experience.

In fact, we would go as far as to say there is no such thing as a customer anymore: only partners. And, just like in any relationship, empathy, authenticity, and kindness are critical for the success of any coupling.

Here are our top tips for more authentic, kinder marketing

1. Accept that not everyone will be your partner

What you have to sell or promote isn’t right for everyone. You will only annoy and isolate people with aggressive marketing strategies that focus on “the sell” and are devoid of empathy. What’s more, we’re massive believers that if you’re doing something that has a genuine purpose, the people whose lives will be enhanced by your product or service WILL find you. Focus on building your tribe, and making a profound difference to them.

2. Find your voice

Authentically represent your brand so you can manage your partners’ experience and expectations. If you feel like that’s something you need help with, we run a masterclass to help you identify your tone of voice and practically apply it to your content strategy. Get in touch to find out more.

3. Focus on providing a solution

Google manages 3.5 million daily search inquiries worldwide and most of them are seeking an answer to a question. Attract the right partners by sharing content that addresses the solutions your community of potential customers is trying to find.

4. Don’t be afraid to step back

Let your partners come to you. We’ve all been followed around the internet by banners begging us to buy a product or service, until eventually, we either give in and click or download an adblocker. Either way, the impression left of the brand is usually not a positive one and it certainly doesn’t inspire longevity or advocacy.

5. Understand why you’re sharing on which channel

Once you have identified a list of questions your audiences need answers to, think about the best channels to share those answers on. Don’t feel under pressure to post them everywhere. You can demonstrate real understanding when you consider what topics people are engaging with on what channels before posting.

If you’d like to find out more about how The Joyful Web can support you to develop a content strategy that smashes all of your goals, we’d love to hear from you.


Beccy WestonBeccy Weston is an experienced Content Strategist, Content Writer and Account Director. Her specialism is in Education/Youth Marketing and supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs to strategically plan their marketing activity. Beccy’s impressive client portfolio includes education providers, start-ups and SAAS providers including the University of Portsmouth, Inholland University, Siccura, and The Good Business Club. As a fierce advocate for ‘Kind Marketing’, Beccy champions non-aggressive marketing tactics and her focus is always on creating useful, audience-first content that builds long-term relationships between businesses and clients. 

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