Small business, big heart

We're committed to using our power and profit for good

By applying the ‘buy one give one’ model, we give back for every interaction people have with our brand, including meetings, new sales, invoices paid on time, and even social media engagements, committing up to 5% of our revenue to support causes we believe in.

We’re proud to be members of B1G1, and use their excellent giving platform to support our mission. We are a carbon positive workforce, operating on as low carbon emissions as possible, working with Ecologi for purposeful offsetting and the development of renewable energy systems.

The Joyful Way to do business

We define ‘Joyful’ as the vibrant quality of consciousness, and we’re committed to making a positive impact through every business interaction. That means:

Conscious of our environmental impact

A Google search produces between 1g and 10g carbon emissions. Social media posts, sending emails, even reading this web page produces carbon.

As well as using green energy for web hosting, we have a culture of working with purpose, for impact. We only post to social media if the message is valuable, we only send emails if they’re important and we aim to carbon offset everything we can.

Conscious of our social impact

We donate a percentage of our profits every month to support causes that align with the UN sustainability goals. 100% of our donations go directly to these causes through our membership with B1G1. We subscribe to the ‘buy one, give one’ model across all sales.

Conscious of our buying impact

From productivity tools and website hosting, to gifts and employee benefits, we review the sustainability policies of all of our providers.

Although many essential tools used in digital marketing won’t meet our ideal supplier criteria (for example, Facebook and Google), we choose sustainable and local over corporate and international whenever possible.

Conscious of our selling impact

Our clients are change-makers. They’re building communities, having important conversations and reaching new audiences with messages that make a genuine difference to industry, people, and planet.

Conscious of our employment impact

Our employees are humans first, team members second. We don’t assume what they need, we ask for their support and guidance in making their experience of working at The Joyful the best it can be.

From training budgets and flexible working, to healthcare plans and volunteer days, we prioritise health and wellbeing above all else.

Everytime you work with us, you make an impact.

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