Case Study

Caburn Hope

What did they need?

“We’re an Employee Communication Agency, and we are marketeers at heart. But, like many agencies, we had spent little time marketing ourselves – client work always came first. We work for some of the world’s biggest brands, but our growth was restricted due to a lack of visibility on the web.  We had a low social media profile and wanted more inbound enquiries, as almost all our work was coming to us through recommendations and from growing our reputation within existing large corporates. We’re pioneers in the employee communications sector, but we were keeping ourselves a secret!

“We were in the process of hiring our own Marketing Manager, but wanted the incumbent to hit the ground running, so we engaged the Joyful team to produce a marketing strategy and action plan.”

Elizabeth Spencer-Phillips, Director

What did we do?

We began the project with a workshop for Caburn Hope’s senior team members to ensure we fully understood the brand’s values, audiences, and service offering. We then worked together to come up with content ideas that the team would be able to confidently move forward with.

After the workshop, we conducted a full audit of Caburn Hope’s past marketing activity including blog content, downloadable guides, social media, PPC, SEO, and email. We wanted to ensure we knew what had been tried in the past, what had worked, what hadn’t worked, and where the biggest opportunities were to make an impact with marketing.

Caburn Hope was also in the process of designing and launching a new website, so we needed to ensure all technical SEO issues were identified and fixed in advance and that the new site launched smoothly without losing visibility.

As well as looking at Caburn Hope’s past marketing activity, we also carried out an investigation into what approaches and tactics similar companies were using with their digital marketing. This enabled us to confidently make industry-specific recommendations, and spot opportunities for Caburn Hope to really differentiate themselves and stand out in the market.

Once the analysis was complete, we created an actionable, multi-channel, content-driven marketing strategy and plan that aligned to Caburn Hope’s brand values, important messages, and audiences. The strategy focused on increasing search and social media visibility around key topics (such as employee reward communication) to drive traffic to the site and convert this to content downloads, webinar registrations, newsletter sign-ups, and enquiries.

We’re now working with the Caburn Hope team to create blog and social media content informed by keyword research combined with brand values and audience need.


“We wondered how quickly The Joyful would get to grips with the nuances of our specialist, niche offering and our brand.  We strive to be different, challenging and always inspiring. And we’re very fussy about how we describe ourselves and our work, our narrative, our brand, not overtly selling, being consultative… No worries there though! Alice and Sophie just ‘got us’ at the first scoping workshop. They asked the right questions, listened, challenged and understood.

“Their energy, speed, organisation, action, and intelligence all got us to a place we wanted to be quickly. Our marketing manager had a strategy blueprint and practical action plan waiting for her on day one, which was agreed and signed off by the senior management team (no mean feat here!)

“We are still at the work-in-progress stage, but The Joyful have moved us ahead in leaps and bounds in terms of social media activity, new website development, event planning, and SEO/media strategy. COVID has thrown us a huge curveball, but progress continues with enthusiasm!”

— Elzabeth Spencer-Phillps, Director

What they said:

“I was instantly impressed with Alice’s energy, direct approach, clarity and marketing acumen. I then met Sophie and saw that as a team they would get on and DO STUFF rather than eulogise and theorise! We wanted hands-on practical action, speed and intelligence and above all, a plan that was easy to action. And we got it.

“Alice and Sophie are always so JOYFUL and they never fail to deliver excellent work. I look forward to our continued relationship.”

Elizabeth Spencer-Phillips, Director