Case Study

Eko UK

What did they need?

“We’re a consulting technology company that provides cloud software solutions to companies that are doing good, so they can do more of it. We wanted to get clearer on the problems we solve, who we solve them for, and most importantly how we communicate all of this.

“In the past, our marketing approach had been to ’talk to everyone’ instead of conversing with specific people around specific issues, and we knew that had to change. However, it was difficult to get internal buy-in on this, as there was uncertainty as to the outcome and value of investing in an external agency.”

Fox Geere, CVO

What did we do?

Eko UK are on a mission to make business more human. They needed to create a brand identity that spoke directly to the needs of the people they support — businesses for good. Eko UK helps founders build legacies for their businesses using human-first technology, designed to make life better. We helped them capture this vision and communicate it in a way that excites and delights their audiences.

We worked with Eko UK to get ultra clear on their brand identity, which included the development of their tagline, mission, positioning statement and value proposition, as well as their core messaging pillars. Our values-led approach to brand development and strategy allowed us to get to the driving force of Eko UK and its founders, moving away from talking about the what and how, to the why and who.

We also supported Eko UK to create a powerful movement, which they are calling Humanitive, for businesses who are changing the world.


“We ended up with exceptional clarity on who we are, what we stand for, who we stand up for and how we do it. More importantly, we finally knew how to show up in public.

“Knowing our voice and our brand better than ever allowed us to talk to potential customers (and existing ones) more powerfully. Securing more business, more connection and more opportunities to serve than before. The relief that comes from getting clarity on how you help and why is priceless.

“The impact on our organisation has been transformative. We now have clarity that lets us grow and we couldn’t have done that without The Joyful Web.”

— Fox Geere, CVO

What they said:

“We had seen how active The Joyful Web are in a community of businesses doing good, but more importantly we chose to work with them because they resonate in a positive but grounded way that mirrors our own. And they have the skills to pay the bills. The Joyful Web has proven to be a dependable partner that works on honesty, integrity and GETS who we are and what we are trying to achieve. If you want to get specific, the biggest benefit has been getting clearer on the problems we solve.

“Our expectations were entirely blown out of the water. The level of thinking, care, consideration and NEW approaches and thoughts is unsurpassed. I’ve never experienced anything like it in 20+ years of brand building and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to bring the soul of their business into their marketing, positioning and brand.

“If you give even a passing care about your team, your customers, yourself and your world and want a partner in ‘joy’ who can supercharge your message, your reach and your impact… then for goodness sake talk to The Joyful Web team. Talking is cheap, impact is powerful and working together you’re certain to transform your business. Working with them has meant less stress, less pressure, more power and more awesome. You’ll feel immensely empowered to have them on your side and the only regret you’ll have is not discovering the Joyful team sooner.”

Fox Geere, CVO