Case Study

Experts for Expats

What did they need?

“Experts for Expats provides a unique, personal introduction service for people living abroad looking to connect with specialists that provide tax, financial advice and other services. Our mission is to help expats make better financial decisions by connecting them with people who understand the intricacies of living abroad.

“Our revenue comes mainly through commissions based on closed/won business by our partners, and our biggest challenge was that our conversion rate for our partners was too low. This meant a lot of introductions were required to generate sustainable revenue. Rather than increase the volume of enquiries, we wanted to focus on improving both the quality of enquiries and the information we captured to be able to better place the enquiry with a partner.

“We wanted to focus our marketing strategy on organic search and social media rather than being reliant on advertising. In the expat world, financial advice is notoriously cut-throat and not customer focussed, and we want to change that for the better. We take an ethical approach to helping people, so rather than letting the best sales-led companies with the biggest ad budgets reach the people needing help, our goal is to connect the most suitable partners to clients to ensure they get the help they need, not an impersonal, expensive service.

“Based on our desire to be an ethical, mission-led business, after meeting with The Joyful Web it was clear that there was a natural connection between our objectives and their approach. Once we had established they also had the expertise, it was a very easy decision to make them our marketing partner.”

Robert Hallums, Owner

What did we do?

We established that the focus of the business needed to change from a “free consultation” to “free introduction” model. To support this, we created a more structured, purpose-driven brand identity, which was based on the Experts for Expat’s four core values.

From here, we helped to implement the new brand, reworking all communications and building a content and social media strategy to support this. We’ve now built the B2C side of Experts for Expats, bringing in more high quality leads to be introduced to trusted experts.

For the next phase of our work with Expert for Expats, we’re focusing on the B2B side of the business. This involves building relationships with new and existing experts and creating content that supports more successful partnerships.


Now that the Experts for Expats brand is more defined and value-driven, and the website clearly communicates their unique proposition and purpose, they are attracting a higher quality of enquiry:

  • Conversion rates from introductions to experts have increased from 10% to almost 20% and continue to rise

Amends to website copy to include relevant keywords and speak the audiences’ language combined with a targeted blogging strategy has had a positive impact on brand visibility in search engine results:

  • Renewed brand messaging, revitalised website copy and audience-focused content strategy has led to a 30% year-on-year increase  in organic traffic

What they said:

“Sophie and Alice both took the time to listen and “playback” what they believed the business was about. They’re both great communicators and when they produced the brand direction, it was absolutely nailed against our objectives.

“They made a stressful transformation and implementation of the brand seamless, and the results were almost instantaneous. They always have time to bounce ideas, to probe for opportunities and look to make the partnership work. They are amazingly motivating and inspirational, which as someone who works alone for most of the time, is priceless. They feel like part of the team and it’s impossible not to feel energised when working with them.

“Alice and Sophie exude energy and passion for what they do and also what we do as a business. I always look forward to meeting and working on projects because I know that I will have a renewed energy which always leads to results. Ultimately they are a positive influence on all things that surround what we’re trying to achieve.

“If you want tangible results, you’ll get them, without any caveats. If you want a partnership, they will be there. They are extremely talented and experienced and deliver way beyond what you hope for, every time. And best of all, they are an absolute pleasure to work alongside. I’d recommend them to anybody – especially if you are trying to make a positive difference in the world.”

Robert Hallums, Owner