Case Study

Focus Performance

What did they need?

Focus Performance wanted our support to align their marketing messages with their business ethos so that potential customers would know right away who they were, what they did, and what made Focus Performance different to all the other sports nutrition brands out there. In particular, founders Scott and Martin kew that they needed to appeal more to their female customer base and re-align their brand’s communications so that it didn’t come across as so masculine in nature.

What did we do?

We delivered a half day brand development workshop in which we worked through a series of questions focused on the company’s business objectives, unique selling points, communication style, brand perception, target audiences, competitors, and what Focus Performance want to stand for as a brand. After the workshop, we created a set of brand communication guidelines, revised website copy in line with this, and the created a content plan to promote the company’s mission and engage each of the target


Working together has given the Focus Performance team a more objective view of the business. This has enabled and empowered them to put in place the necessary steps to remedy any issues and blocks, and make the most of opportunities that came to light during the brand development session and follow up discussions. Since making these changes, the business has gained two female ambassadors and are confident that they are getting a more balanced message out to their audience.

What they said:

“My business partner had worked with Sophie and Alice in the past and had nothing but good things to say about their work ethic and approach to to their projects. They helped us align our mission with the image and message we were portraying to the public.

Sophie and Alice were very professional and didn’t use buzzwords and sales pitches to gain our business. They were genuinely interested in our project and that shone through in our meetings.

Working with The Joyful Web exceeded our expectations, and Sophie and Alice’s warm nature and honesty have been what stood out to me.I would 1000% recommend working with The Joyful Web. They helped revitalise our belief in the crusade we undertook to change the way people approach sports nutrition in the UK.”

Scott Reid, Founder