Case Study

Pupil Progress

What did they need?

“We needed support to increase traffic to our website, and more brand exposure on social media. We had a great product, but enough people visiting our website, signing up to trials, or enquiring as to what can offer. Our main goals was to gain more sign ups and more enquiries.

“Our biggest concern was the unknown. We had been previously burned by another marketing specialist, and didn’t want to experience that frustration again. We had little experience with marketing, so we had to work with someone we could trust. We’re a small startup with big ambitions, so every penny counts.

“When it came to our marketing we were feeling frustrated, as we didn’t know where to start or how to execute our ideas and communicate our values. We needed a strategy, and clear direction.”

Brett Griffin, Founder

What did we do?

We started by looking at the Pupil Progress homepage, and suggested quick wins to the layout that would encourage more people to sign up or enquire when they reached the website. We also advised that Pupil Progress start a blog, and supported them to launch their resources section for teachers.

We implemented a social media strategy that’s a mixture of engagement, sharing original content, communicating sales messaging, engaging with topical issues relevant to the target audience, and sharing education industry news.

Once we had optimised the website and got social media running smoothly, we ran a brand development workshop to define the company’s mission, values, brand positioning and communication pillars. This is now being used to review and all company communications, from web copy to video content, to email to social media.

We are continuing to work with Pupil Progress on an ongoing basis to build out quality, audience-led website content and continue to manage their social media channels.


Since working with us, Pupil Progress has seen a significant increase in both social media engagement, traffic to the website, marketing list sign-ups, and registrations for free trials of the software including:

  • 2,000 new marketing contacts from July to December 2019 (67% of which were their core target demographic)
  • 400% increase in average monthly blog views (around ~500 per month to~2,500 per month)
  • 9% session to contact conversion rate from organic social media traffic in 2019
  • 12% session to contact conversion rate from paid social in 2019

What they said:

“From our first meeting, Alice and Sophie have been nothing but honest and transparent. I loved that they really wanted to help my business, and cared about me as an individual. They also understood where we were, and exactly what we needed.

“Expectations were met and so much more! We now have a marketing strategy that meets needs of our company. Alice and Sophie have innovative ideas, passion, enthusiasm, excitement and energy. They love what they do, and it’s so infectious! They have also influenced my thinking, I now come up with even better ideas as they constantly challenge and probe us to understand our market and what will be listened to.

“We would definitely recommend The Joyful Web to other businesses. Alice sat with me one day to tell me she was unhappy with the social media results we were receiving, then came to us with a clear action plan to correct the issue to get us back on track. That’s when I knew we were working with the right company. No excuses, no flakey reasons, no “but if you could keep paying us that’ll be great”.  Instead we heard solutions and most importantly saw action. This is a company that takes pride in what they do and has an overwhelming passion to help businesses thrive. They most certainly stand by their brand and quite rightly their ability to deliver!”

Brett Griffin, Founder