Case Study

Rickshaw Travel

What did they need?

“We wanted a social media strategy, as our channels were under-loved and we knew we were under-using an important channel that should be part of our integrated marketing strategy. We also wanted to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our current social media channels and to analyse what our competitors were doing in this space. From a more informed position, based on detailed research and analysis, we wanted clarity on how social media could increase our reach and engagement.

“Social media can sometimes be time-consuming and seems difficult to get right. We had never had a dedicated strategy for social, nor ring fenced resources to do it properly, and had some doubt that we would directly see the value within the business if we were to do so.”

Emily Munford, Business Transformation Leader

What did we do?

We started with an in-depth analysis of Rickshaw Travel’s social media channels to fully understand what was working and what wasn’t. We also analysed the social media presence of the brand’s direct competitors to spot the main opportunities for Rickshaw Travel to differentiate themselves and see what we could learn from other successful businesses in the sector.

After identifying the key areas for improvement and unique opportunities, we created a bespoke social media best practice guide for their internal team to follow and supported them to develop a multi-channel digital marketing planner to align their social, content, and email marketing efforts.

We also conducted analysis into Rickshaw Travel’s social media and website visitor demographics and behaviours, and combined this with their customer insight in order to develop three key audience personas to tailor their content and social media marketing to.

After supporting Rickshaw Travel to get a strategic, audience-focused social media plan in place, we designed a bespoke social media report in order to allow them to effectively track their social media performance against business KPIs. We then supported their internal team over the next three months with social media planning, content review and optimisation, establishing processes, and reporting insight.


Facebook engagement increased by +70%

Website traffic from Facebook increased by +100%

Instagram post likes increased by +77%

Instagram post comments increased by +44%

Website traffic from Instagram increased by +200%

Twitter account impressions increased by +211%

What they said:

“We met Alice at a business development event and had heard about The Joyful Web through the Brighton network and word of mouth. We looked at about five agencies / freelancers and they were by far the best.

“The Joyful Web provided a lot of insight into our customer personas, as well as data on our competitors and knowledge of how we could reach our audience and create content that would appeal directly to them. They were always ready with good advice, enthusiasm and tips to try if things seemed like they weren’t working. They had great insight into the wider picture which we don’t necessarily have: changes in algorithms, latest updates and the unpredictability of social media more generally.

“We appreciated that The Joyful Web didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear, but were honest about the subjective nature of social, and provided us with tips and tricks to try so that we could carry out our own experiments. They provided us with insight, enthusiasm and totally changed the way we do social. We saw results from day one, with an increase in engagement and positive feedback from colleagues and customers on our improved channels.”

Emily Munford, Business Transformation Leader